Business Owner

This package policy provides property coverage and business liability for office buildings.

Commercial Package

The commercial package policy provides property coverage, equipment breakdown and business liability for small to medium sized businesses. The policy can be customized for your insured’s needs to include an array of optional coverage and endorsements.

Examples of eligible classifications include:

  • Apartments
  • Condominiums
  • Lessor’s Risks with habitational
  • Restaurants
  • Office Buildings

Commercial Fire

This policy provides protection for your client’s building and business property along with optional coverages to include business income and other optional endorsements. There is no liability coverage on the Commercial Fire policy.

Windsor will also consider writing property only on auto body and repair shops with approved UL paint booths; bars, taverns, and restaurants containing ansul systems; and contents in storage.

General Liability

This policy provides liability coverage for premises, operations along with medical payments.  Windsor will write general liability for various classes of risk. Some of the classes of risk include; craft vendors, drywall installers, flooring installers, lawn mowing ventures, janitorial services, market stand holders, interior painters, and special one day event policies.

Inland Marine

This policy can be written to complement another policy or can be written on a monoline basis. We offer a range of Inland Marine products for small to medium size businesses.

Examples of eligible classifications include:

  • Contractor’s Equipment
  • Exhibition Floaters
  • Builder’s Risk

Auto Physical Damage

A monoline policy that provides protection for your client’s commercial trucks. These policies are only available in Pennsylvania and Virginia.